Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Halton Blues Society Logo!

Sorry for the lack of posts....lot has changed in my life since my last post, but it don't mean I haven't still been busy! I just finished a major logo design for the 'Halton Blues Society'. It's been getting alot of exposure since I completed it, and I was sitting at the traffic lights at the Burlington mall last week, just staring off into space, when I realized I was staring right at this logo on a huge banner hanging across the street from me! HA!

As a designer it's always neat when you see your work turn up in different places! Love when that happens...

Anyways...the idea of this logo was that since many Blues artists name their guitars after women ( BB KING - 'Lucille'etc) the logo should reflect that. It is half guitar and half a woman's head and torso, with her hair flowing down into guitar strings. I feel it looks good, and reads from as distance....this was proven as I said earlier, when I saw it from across the street on a banner!

Here's some merch that we may start selling at some of the festivals we are supporting ( Jeff Healy, Colin James are a few of the bands we're supporting this summer!)