Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Star Trek Magazine Issue # 3- Features Darin Bristow's 'Kirk' design

Folks....this is the LAST posting about my William Shatner 'Eek: the Cat' character design from 1994- I PROMISE!

But hold on...don't go back to ebay just yet...I have REASON to be posting about it! On Newstands today, you will find the official 'Star Trek' fan magazine. In it you will find an entire page devoted to my story of how I finally got Shatner to sign it! It's pretty cool because they actually printed my entire blog posting from back in September '06 and my 'Commander Bzerk' design in full colour AND the 40th anniversary poster I made. Check it out.

***NOTE: This will be the FINAL Shatner Design posting! I've pretty much milked that 12 year old design for all it's worth!

Happy New Year All!