Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Halton Blues Society Logo!

Sorry for the lack of posts....lot has changed in my life since my last post, but it don't mean I haven't still been busy! I just finished a major logo design for the 'Halton Blues Society'. It's been getting alot of exposure since I completed it, and I was sitting at the traffic lights at the Burlington mall last week, just staring off into space, when I realized I was staring right at this logo on a huge banner hanging across the street from me! HA!

As a designer it's always neat when you see your work turn up in different places! Love when that happens...

Anyways...the idea of this logo was that since many Blues artists name their guitars after women ( BB KING - 'Lucille'etc) the logo should reflect that. It is half guitar and half a woman's head and torso, with her hair flowing down into guitar strings. I feel it looks good, and reads from as distance....this was proven as I said earlier, when I saw it from across the street on a banner!

Here's some merch that we may start selling at some of the festivals we are supporting ( Jeff Healy, Colin James are a few of the bands we're supporting this summer!)



Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Star Trek Magazine Issue # 3- Features Darin Bristow's 'Kirk' design

Folks....this is the LAST posting about my William Shatner 'Eek: the Cat' character design from 1994- I PROMISE!

But hold on...don't go back to ebay just yet...I have REASON to be posting about it! On Newstands today, you will find the official 'Star Trek' fan magazine. In it you will find an entire page devoted to my story of how I finally got Shatner to sign it! It's pretty cool because they actually printed my entire blog posting from back in September '06 and my 'Commander Bzerk' design in full colour AND the 40th anniversary poster I made. Check it out.

***NOTE: This will be the FINAL Shatner Design posting! I've pretty much milked that 12 year old design for all it's worth!

Happy New Year All!


Friday, November 03, 2006


Here's a few oldie but goodie Designs I did waaaaaaaaay back in 1996. Hard to belive I've been in this racket for this long! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Q: How are hottie actress Rachel McAdams and I connected?

A: We are both from London Ontario, and both of us were 2005 Education Week 'Inspiring Excellence' Award winners. Both of our respective schools honoured us with a bronzed medal in recognition of our sucesses.

Here is he actual info I have copied from the site:

Education Week has traditionally been an opportunity to celebrate successes in our schools and in public education. This year, we are taking the opportunity to recognize individuals who exemplify our theme of "Inspiring Excellence". As part of our celebration, schools were asked to identify and honour a past graduate or former staff member and prepare a poster highlighting that individual's accomplishments. The work from schools across our district will be displayed in the Education Centre Atrium during the week of May 2nd - 6th. This exhibit represents a diverse cross-section of outstanding individuals from a variety of fields (business, education, the arts, health, sports, politics, science, community service, etc.).

Here's my poster, and Ms. Rachel McAdams' poster beneath that:

Lord Nelson Public School
Darin Bristow

Central Elgin Collegiate Institute
Rachel McAdams

I'd like to thank my former teachers for this chosing me for this award, and I gladly accept it with pride!

Monday, October 16, 2006

I can FINALLY talk about it! RUBY GLOOM!


Friday, October the 13th was the North American premier of "Ruby Gloom", the latest Animated TV series in which I am working on.

It's regular timeslot will be Sunday morning's at 11 a.m. on YTV

This show has been a blast to work on from the very start. I worked on it first as a 3D Promo, and now I am glad to be continuing my work on it serving as the Supervising Technical Director.

We have an amazingly talented crew aboard and the final product sure reflects it.

Check out some of the line-up we've got goin behind the curtain:

Robin Budd ("Gerald McBoing Boing", "Beetlejuice") - Director
Merle Anne Ridley ( "Babar", "Pippi Longstocking" )- Creative Producer
Melissa Graham ( "6Teen", "Jacob Two-Two" ) - Production Co-ordinator
Adrian Thatcher ( "6teen", "Jungle book2" )- Art Director
Brad Coombs ( "6Teen", "Pearl Jam Video: Do the Evolution" ) - Design Supervisor
Kevin Micallef ( "Osmosis Jones", "Little Mermaid 2" ) - Animation Director
Luis Lopez ( "Miss Spider", " Dr.Dolittle" )- Senior Technical Producer
Steve Whitehouse ( "Sam & Max", "Family Dog" ) - Board Artist
Mike Smukavic ( "Ace Ventura", "Sam & Max" ) - Board Artist
Doug Thoms ( "My Dad the Rockstar", " Ace Ventura" ) - Board Artist

AND check this out:

Charlie Bonafacio ("Mulan", "FernGully", Sheridan Animation prof. extraordinaire)- Animator

So give Ruby Gloom, Skullboy, Doom Kitty,Misery, and the rest of the zany cast a visit!

For more info on Ruby Gloom, please visit:


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Charlie Chaplin: Photoshop fun

It's a Sunday afternoon...feeling kinda lazy...I grabbed a coffee and was reading about the early days of Hollywood. Been on this "old school" kick as of late...watchin alot of Stooges, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, and Marx Bros.
My friend and fellow old-Hollywood historian buff, Kevin Micallef, loaned me some of his really cool DVD's on the silent era comedians and it's been an education.

Chaplin is Kevin's all time hero, and after rewatching " the Great Dictator", he rightly should be. Amazing film! Here's a Chaplin photoshop tribute done in Photoshop using a neat effect that constructs the contrast of the photo by using 1000's of tiny happy-faces! Perfect idea to use for a vaudville king I thought!


BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: W.C.Fields and Charlie Chaplin, the 2 biggest ( and wealthiest) vaudeville stars of their time, both died on Xmas day. Both passed away in 1946 and 1977 respectively.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Coming soon...